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As the Designer and Founder of Hollingsworth Sole, my journey is all about bringing Black culture to life in heritage footwear. Harlem, with its vibrant history and creative community, is where I found my inspiration.

I've combined my business know-how with a deep love for my roots to create a brand that resonates with people like me. Hollingsworth Sole isn't just about shoes; it's about celebrating our culture and the way we express ourselves through fashion. It's a nod to the art of dressing up and feeling proud of who we are.

Harlem Heritage

The question I'm often asked:
"Why a shoe company?"

People often wonder what led me to start a heritage shoe brand. Well, it boils down to this: we live

in a time where anyone can express their creativity and contribute to the economy in their own way.

We all appreciate those well-known European brands, right? It's something many of us can relate to.

I founded this men's footwear brand because I believe there's more to life than just being consumers. We, as a community, have a unique ability to shape culture and trends, but it's crucial to harness that energy to create lasting value and generational wealth. Sometimes, we get caught up in projecting success rather than achieving it. I wanted to change that mindset, for myself and for our community.

So, I'm on a journey to inspire us to shift from consumers to creators, from aspiring to be prosperous to genuinely achieving prosperity. It's about rewriting our story, and that's what our brand is all about.



At Hollingsworth Sole, our brand affiliations are a testament to our unwavering commitment to culture, community, and excellence. We take great pride in being associated with esteemed organizations and events, including the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, the Black Footwear Forum, the Dance Theatre of Harlem, the Fifteen Percent Pledge, Harlem Week, Le Diner En Blanc, Men’s Health, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Soles 4 Souls, the Cleveland Orchestra, and the Fashion Talks.


We are honored to collaborate with partners who share our values and vision, and we invite you to explore our website to learn more about our brand affiliations and our exquisite luxury heritage footwear collection. We are proud to be associated with these organizations and events that share our values and vision.

Brand Affliations

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