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A Harlem Heritage

Hollingsworth Sole, a proudly Black-owned luxury lifestyle brand founded in 2017 by visionary designer Mr. Michael Hollingsworth, consistently delivers on contemporary appeal influenced by a unique Harlem, New York City viewpoint.  Inspired by and creative for the cultured man and woman who appreciate the art of fine attire, the Hollingsworth Sole aesthetic presents classically refined elegance and premium quality. 


Hollingsworth Sole offers unforgettable skins and suedes, epic patterns, and classic colors. Known for unisex-chic style statements, the Hollingsworth Sole footwear collection launched in 2018 and has expanded to feature timepieces, handbags, accessories, apparel, fragrances, wines, and classic automobiles. Hollingsworth Sole men and women make an entrance into every room and are distinguished leaders, creators, and captains of style and influence. The apparel has been worn by Glynn Turman, Michael Colyar, Lisa Arrindell Anderson and Angela Simmons.


Hollingsworth Sole is proudly Harlem’s first, and only multi-category luxury lifestyle brand. Consumers are invited to experience Hollingsworth Sole at local NYC retailers and here at our website. 

“Black Americans are the original makers, creators, and curators of American style, here in Harlem we have long cultivated the expertise of creating value.  We’ve been delivering premium quality to our communities for centuries; I intend to honor this rich legacy”


Michael Hollingsworth

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