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Pharrell Williams succeeds Virgil Abloh Leads Louis Vuitton Toward a New and Very Exciting Chapter

The rapper and music producer will succeed Virgil Abloh and “lead Louis Vuitton toward a new and very exciting chapter,” the brand said in a statement.

Louis Vuitton has recently announced that the celebrated rapper and music producer, Pharrell Williams, will be taking the reins as their new Men’s Designer. This is a highly exciting new chapter for the iconic brand, which is already known for its exquisite craftsmanship and long-standing appeal.

Pharrell Williams is no stranger to fashion, having designed collections for popular brands such as Adidas, G-Star Raw, and Uniqlo. His creative eye and innovative approach to design are sure to bring fresh life to the Louis Vuitton Men’s collection. Fans are already eagerly awaiting what new and exciting designs he will bring to the table.

This is a particularly exciting moment for the brand, as they look to continue to innovate and expand the scope of their designs. We look forward to seeing the new and exciting designs that Pharrell Williams will bring to Louis Vuitton!

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