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Harlem Hollingsworth Sole Heritage Meets Classic Cleveland Ohio's Severance Hall at Fashion Talks

Setting a platinum standard for the Cleveland Runway.. Hollingsworth Sole's collection at Fashion Talks 2023 was a standout highlight of the event founded by Aimon Ali. With the most diverse presentation of of design and models, the brand showcased innovation and professionalism and "wearable" fashion. Attendees described the collection as iconic. One model even exclaimed, "This is the best suit I've ever worn." The final moments of the show were met with thunderous applause with the appearance of founder Michael Hollingsworth walking the runway with models in a white three piece Hollingsworth Sole bespoke suit, shoe and accessories identical to that of the lead campaign model.

Hollingsworth Sole's boundary-pushing collection left an indelible mark on the mid-west fashion economy, leaving the audience in awe. The Hollingsworth Sole collection featured two surprises, college football athletes, models Isaiah Johnson, defensive back at Syracuse and former LSU safety/running back Derrick Davis Jr., running back at Pittsburgh.

Hollingsworth Sole was founded as a shoe company and has expanded into multiple categories. The show marks the brand's expansion in the mid-west. Shop the brand at .

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