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Why Your Determination Shouldn't Waver in the New Year 2024

Hollingsworth Sole Resolutions:

New Year. Same Determination. Consistency and Continue to Create Value.

We celebrate 7 years in 2024!

As Designer and Founder of Hollingsworth Sole, my journey is all about bringing Black culture to life in heritage footwear.Harlem, with its vibrant history and creative community, is where I found my inspiration.

I've combined my business know-how with a deep love for my roots to create a brand that resonates with people like me. Hollingsworth Sole isn't just about shoes; it's about celebrating our culture and the way we express ourselves through fashion. It's a nod to the art of dressing up and feeling proud of who we are.

I'd like to thank my customers for the support these last seven years.

Michael Hollingsworth

I invite you to do two things:

  • Make your last Hollingsworth Sole purchase of 2023.

  • Make your first Hollingsworth Sole purchase of 2024!

2023 Hollingsworth Sole Highlights

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