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Michael Hollingsworths Favorite Looks

Michael on his Three Favorite Looks:

As a "footwear first" designer "I create all my looks from the sole on up. I'm creating in multiple categories: footwear, leather goods, accessories, glasses & watches, and outer wear but the vision is the sole of creative direction."

Look One Elegant + City Luxury. Feminine and Fly. " I want my customers to experience what it feels like to have a custom-made garment Today' we're too casual, I want men to return to the art of fine dressing " So many of my customers have NEVER had a custom suit made. I want to change that!"

Look Two Elegant + City Luxury. Feminine and Fly. The tension between textures: Soft Italian Cashmere, Black Stepper Boots, and Snake Skin. Inspired by busy women on their way from work to evenings in the city."

Look Three Casual but well-dressed." It's about city comfort, your walk to the train to work & and back. The Executive Knapsack, carry your work things in style and the Sole Ease Comfort Classic Sneaker."

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